2D3D Geometric Solids

Item Code : 21348

Introductory set of 6 folding 2D3D geosolids including cube, cylinder, cone, triangular prism, square pyramid and triangular pyramid. The solids have an 8cm base. Activity guide included.



Explore 2D and 3D relationships

Ideal for exploring the properties of 3D solids, relationships between 2D shapes and 3D solids, volume and capacity, and surface area. Children can identify the different attributes of each shape and visibly see the shapes from each angle, and compare the shapes in the set with everyday objects.

Explore volume concepts

Excellent tool for teaching and exploring volume, surface area and 2D3D properties. Compare volumes of different solids with the same height.

Essential educational tool

Valuable, essential and educational tool for all kindergartens, schools and home activities.

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