Sustainable Products Initiative

Edx Education understands that consumers, the climate and the environment will benefit from educational products that are more durable, reusable and recyclable.

Our Sustainable Products Initiative signifies our commitment to ethical and sustainable work and supply chain practices. We are continuously developing more efficient practices and sustainable procedures, whilst seeking out more innovative materials to fulfil our sustainability goals and manufacturing processes to minimise environmental impact.

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Our six focus areas for sustainability by 2024

At Edx Education we are committed to sustainability. We value and are continuously building on our eco-friendly toy practices. Our plan includes:

Education for All

At Edx Education, we believe in providing education opportunities to all.

In addition to our Sustainable Products Initiative, we also have our Educational Outreach – Education for All. This involves creating accessible educational resources and programs for diverse learners, promoting equity and equal opportunities. By partnering with educators and institutions worldwide, Edx Education empowers all learners to reach their full potential.

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We look forward to being involved in many projects going forward.

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Educational Experts

Edx Education is a world-leading educational toy brand that has been designing and manufacturing toys for schools and families, for over 25 years. Operating in 110+ countries, it has become a trusted brand for parents and educators who want high-quality toys that bring early years learning to life through the magic of play.

Our mission is to develop quality hands on educational materials to foster children’s learning through play in the classroom and at home.

As part of our ongoing commitment to innovation, we collaborate closely with renowned educators who provide valuable insights into emerging educational trends and contribute to the development of materials and equipment to spark interest and imagination to encourage learning and experimenting.

Digital Transformation

Edx Education has made significant progress in optimising our internal operations to embrace sustainability. We have implemented streamlined processes throughout our supply chain, delivery, marketing, and administrative procedures, prioritising paperless practices and efficient data services. By doing so, we minimise our environmental impact while ensuring smooth operations.

We are also dedicated to enhancing the longevity of play and learning with our educational resources. To achieve this, we offer over 100 online extension activities that complement our products. These activities provide additional engagement and enrichment, empowering educators and learners alike to explore and extend the educational value of our resources for an extended period of time.


Edx Education’s eco strategy Sustainable Products Initiative includes the UK launch of the Green-n-Learn™ and Green-n-Play™ ranges, which all use recycled plastics and sustainable FSC certified packaging and soy ink.

Decreasing waste, using greener materials and embracing circular economy practices is the future outlook for Edx Education all to reduce our carbon footprint. In the ranges, there are many sustainable products including:



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At Edx Education, our unwavering commitment lies in promoting ethical and sustainable practices throughout our work and supply chain. This dedication extends to the creation of eco-friendly toys, also known as ‘green toys.’

To ensure the highest standards, our supply chain and products for our educational ranges and toy lines are ethically and compliance audited by global auditing organisations (EN71, CPSIA, ASTM, CCC, Sedex, ISO 9001, ISO1 4001).

Additionally, we proactively engage with our supplier factories, making regular visits and conducting inspections to meticulously review the production processes. These efforts allow us to maintain transparency and uphold our commitment to ethical and sustainable practices, ensuring that our customers receive products of the utmost integrity.

Safety and Counterfeit Toys

When individuals choose to buy counterfeit goods, they unknowingly contribute to a cycle of exploitation and harm. Counterfeit products are often produced under unethical conditions, with little regard for fair wages, worker safety, or environmental sustainability. By purchasing these counterfeit items, people indirectly support these exploitative practices and perpetuate a system that disregards the well-being of workers and the environment.

Edx Education is an organisation dedicated to creating positive change. We invest our resources in developing high-quality educational products that promote learning, creativity, and critical thinking in children. Our genuine products are designed with safety and educational value in mind, ensuring that children can benefit from engaging and enriching experiences.

Additionally, counterfeit toys pose a significant risk to the safety and well-being of children. These counterfeit products often fail to meet necessary safety standards, as they are produced without proper quality control measures. They may contain hazardous materials, sharp edges, or small parts that can pose choking hazards. By purchasing counterfeit toys, consumers put children at risk of injury, illness, or even death, compromising their health and overall well-being.

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At Edx Education, we maintain an ongoing partnership with our factories, collaborating closely to develop increasingly efficient practices and sustainable procedures. Our dedicated team is consistently forward-thinking, actively seeking out innovative materials that align with our sustainability goals. By continuously exploring new possibilities, we strive to enhance our environmental stewardship and ensure a brighter future for generations to come.

Innovative Materials

One of the primary considerations for Edx Education is the environmental impact associated with the raw materials used in our toys. We carefully select materials that are sourced responsibly and have a lower ecological footprint. By opting for sustainable alternatives, Edx Education aims to reduce the depletion of natural resources and minimise the negative effects on ecosystems.

Manufacturing Processes

To ensure long-lasting and sustainable use, Edx Education places a strong emphasis on creating durable products. By using high-quality materials and implementing robust manufacturing techniques, we strive to extend the lifespan of our toys. This approach not only reduces waste but also provides consumers with educational toys that can withstand rigorous play, contributing to resource efficiency and consumer satisfaction.

Reusable Products

Reusability is another essential aspect of our commitment to our Sustainable Products Initiative. We design our toys with versatility in mind, allowing them to be utilised in various educational settings and by children of different ages. By promoting sharing and reuse, Edx Education encourages a culture of resourcefulness and reduces the overall consumption of educational toys. This approach not only benefits the environment by minimising waste generation but also makes educational resources more accessible to a broader audience.

Recycled Content

Edx Education actively seeks to incorporate recycled content in our product groups. By utilising materials made from recycled sources, we contribute to the reduction of waste and the conservation of resources. Furthermore, we explore innovative ways to integrate recycled content without compromising the quality and educational value of our toys, ensuring a sustainable approach throughout the manufacturing process.

Product Environmental Footprint

Edx Education understands the significance of minimising the environmental footprint of our products. We adhere to eco-design requirements, which involve assessing and optimising various aspects of our toys’ environmental performance. By considering factors such as energy consumption, emissions, and waste generation, Edx Education aims to continuously improve our products’ sustainability and meet or exceed the stringent standards set by regulatory bodies.

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