Geoboard Gems (book)

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Dr Paul Swan’s Geoboard Gems book is jam-packed with fun activities that engage students to enjoy learning basic maths. It helps teachers use geoboards to their full potential. Hands on learning.



Dr Paul Swan

Dr Paul Swan is an award winning author and mathematics educator. He is a well known author with books published in many different countries. After a long career which has included working at the primary and secondary school level and 18 years as a University mathematics educator, Dr Swan started consulting to leadership groups and international companies to help improve the way that mathematics is taught throughout the world.

Hands on Learning

Children learn quicker & easier with the fun early childhood education activities in this book.

Essential educational tool

Guide for teachers! Make the most of the geoboards as a teaching tool in the classroom. Geoboards are an essential educational tool for helping children learn basic number concepts.

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