Part-Whole Activity Set

Item Code : 19613

Maths and construction 2D and 3D creativity! Designed to challenge young minds to identify missing numbers by using and extending both addition and subtraction skills to create the 58 activities included in the activity booklet. Includes 74 translucent number blocks in 10 sizes and 10 colors, and a booklet.


Ideal STEAM product

It links mathematics and art. Children can learn sequencing, making 10, addition, and measurement with these Number Rods. It will also stimulate children’s imagination and creative thinking skills.

Color-coded rods

Number Rods are colored, so children learn number relationships more easily. There are three rod families: number 2, 4 & 8 are blue family, number 3, 6 & 9 are red family, number 5 & 10 are green family (*if yellow=1).

Essential educational tool

Essential & valuable educational tool for all nurseries, kindergartens and home activities. Great tool for hands on learning.

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