Skeletal Starter Geo Set

Item Code : 21372C

The Skeletal Starter Geo Set will improve children’s fine motor skills, as well as develop their creative and problem solving skills. Build two and three dimensional structures. Introduces children to basic geometric shapes.


edx education_21373C_Skeletal Geo Set-1

Ideal STEAM product

It links engineering, art and  mathematics. It will stimulate children’s imagination and creative thinking skills.

Hands on learning

Have fun developing early childhood skills in creative thinking, problem solving skills and fine motor skills. For those who enjoy re-creating what they see, the set comes with 20 x 2-sided activity cards that display dozens of fun and interesting shapes and objects to replicate.

 Unique and versatile educational tool

The straight and curved flexible pieces click together very easily, and in doing so, endless creations (including creations with moving parts) are created by students of all ages.

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