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Spring Activities – Making Home Made Bubble Mixture

2021-04-02/in Play Blog /

With Easter celebrations and Spring in the air, Edx Education is sharing a few simple and fun play ideas for children to play and learn.

What’s more fun than blowing bubbles at home in the garden, the local park or anywhere!

Whilst children blow bubbles they are learning and developing many skills such as their language, communication and fine motor skills, along with developing their social and emotional skills. And importantly is the skill in children’s persistence in being able to complete the task. So it is great to keep trying!

My favourite way to help younger children blow bubbles is using a bottle (recyclable plastic or other) with an old stocking around the end. Place the stocking end in the bubble mix and blow. It will create a snake of bubbles even the youngest of children can enjoy with adult supervision and encouragement.

You can also make your own bubble blowers using the Edx Education  GeoStix®– see the picture below, we have made a square, a circle and a triangle bubble blower. Alternatively you can use pipe cleaners, bottles, coat hangers and many other common household items.

Today we look at 2 different bubbles recipes that you can try.

Recipe 1. Longer lasting bubbles mix

  • 1 Cup Clear Glue
  • 2 Cups Dish Soap
  • 4 Cups Water

Mix the glue, dishwashing soap and water together to make the bubbles mix.

Then get your bubbles blower and start creating bubbles!

Recipe 2: Easy Bubble Mix

  • ½ Cup dishwashing liquid
  • 1 Cup water

Mix the glue, dishwashing soap and water together to make the bubbles mix.

Then get your bubble blower and start creating bubbles!

Have fun and enjoy all that Easter and Spring time has to offer; make it an occasion that the whole family will remember & cherish!

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Posted by Heather Welch, International Brand Manager, Edx Education