back to school ideas

Back to school ideas

Ideas to help your child in the transition back to school

The start of the school year is filled with anticipation and new beginnings, as children gear up to embark on another year of learning and growth. But back to school time is not just about buying school supplies, it’s the perfect time to support the educational transition of your child and create a nurturing environment that encourages curiosity, confidence, and a love for learning.

Let’s look at practical back to school ideas to help you support your child in the first weeks of school to ensure they enjoy the coming year.

Establish a Consistent Routine

Help your children adjust to the school routine by establishing a consistent daily schedule. From the first day of school, set a time for waking up, meals, playtime, and bedtime. Consistency provides a sense of stability and predictability, making the transition smoother.

Read Together

Reading is a wonderful way to enhance language skills and foster a love for learning. Spend time reading age-appropriate books with your children. Engage in discussions about the stories, characters, and themes to encourage their comprehension and critical thinking.

Create a Learning-Friendly Space

Set up a dedicated area at home for learning and creativity. Fill it with age-appropriate books, art supplies, puzzles, and educational toys and games. This space should be inviting and accessible, encouraging your children to explore and learn on their own.

Engage in Conversations

Have open conversations about their feelings and expectations regarding school. Listen attentively to their concerns and offer reassurance. Encourage them to share their thoughts about friends, teachers, and activities they are excited about.

Practice Fine Motor Skills

Engaging activities promote fine motor skills, such as colouring, drawing, cutting, using Maths Cubes or Nuts and Bolts, Lacing Beads or Threading Buttons will help develop the muscles needed for writing and other academic tasks.

Play Educational Games

Incorporate fun and educational games that align with their developmental stage. Counting with a Place Value Abacus, Counting and Sorting, and building with Interlocking Cubes can enhance cognitive skills while keeping learning enjoyable.

Read our blog on Back to School: How to help kids with math and banish anxiety for tips even if you struggle with math yourself.

Encourage Independent Exploration

Allow your children to explore their interests independently. Offer choices for activities or projects they’d like to pursue and provide the necessary materials and guidance to help them learn through their own exploration.

Support Social and Emotional Skills

Arrange playdates or social interactions with other children their age to help them practise and develop social and emotional skills. Sharing, taking turns, and resolving conflicts are important social emotional learning skills that will benefit them in a school setting.

Use Everyday Activities for Learning

Turn everyday tasks into learning opportunities. Involve your children in cooking, shopping, and gardening, discussing concepts like measurements, numbers, and colours along the way.

Be a Learning Role Model

Demonstrate your own enthusiasm for learning by sharing your interests and engaging in educational activities. When children see adults valuing learning, they are more likely to adopt a positive attitude towards it.

Your enthusiasm and engagement can significantly influence your child’s attitude towards school, fostering a lifelong love for learning and personal growth.

Celebrate Small Achievements

Acknowledge and celebrate your children’s achievements, no matter how small they may seem. Positive reinforcement boosts their confidence and motivation to continue learning.

Emphasise Play

Play is a vital way for young children to learn, which is exactly why Learning Through Play is our philosophy. Encourage imaginative play, where they can create stories, scenarios, and solve imaginary problems. Play helps develop creativity, communication skills, and problem-solving abilities.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Ensure your children are getting enough sleep, eating nutritious meals, and engaging in physical activity. A healthy lifestyle supports their cognitive and emotional well-being, which are essential for learning.

Read our blog all about the Skills children need in readiness for school which covers language and communication, social and emotional skills, cognitive skills, motor skills and much more.

Be Patient and Flexible

Understand that every child’s learning journey is unique. Be patient and flexible, adjusting your approach based on their interests, strengths, and challenges.

Incorporate Relaxation Techniques

Help your child manage any back-to-school jitters by introducing relaxation techniques. Teach them deep breathing exercises, mindfulness, or simple yoga poses to reduce anxiety and promote emotional well-being. These techniques can be practised together before bedtime or during moments of stress throughout the school year.

Try a few of our fun back to school activities:

  • School Supply Scavenger Hunt: Turn supply shopping into an adventure by searching for items on a list.
  • Dream Classroom: Let your child imagine what their ideal classroom space would look like with art supplies.
  • Storytime Picnic: Enjoy a picnic in the park while reading your child’s favourite books after school one day in the first term.
  • My School Goal Setting Poster: Children will love creating a colourful poster with goals for the upcoming school year.
  • Feelings Journal: Encourage emotional expression and communication with a feelings journal.

Remember to capture your child’s excitement on the first day with a back to school photo. Over time, you’ll have a wonderful collection of photos that showcases your child’s growth and transformation.

As your child prepares to dive back into the world of learning, your support and involvement play a pivotal role in making the transition a positive and enriching experience. With our back to school ideas, you’re laying the foundation for a positive educational experience that will stay with them throughout their academic journey.

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