Black Friday Toy deals

Black Friday toy deals

Many deals in both the USA and UK

Black Friday sales day is nearly upon us, the annual sales event which is the perfect time to buy great gifts for loved ones. Whether you are after a new scooter, action figures or educational toys, it is THE best time for big brand toy sales, and THE best time to shop for Christmas gifts from our ranges.

Originally a US phenomenon, Black Friday is now a permanent fixture in the UK and US calendar, marking one of the busiest shopping times of the year in both countries.

On Black Friday retailers offer some of their best deals of the year across services and merchandise ranging from broadband and mobile plans to clothes, furniture, holidays and much more. Black Friday toys deals are at the top of the list because they offer such great Christmas savings.

In the US, Black Friday sales start from Wednesday 24 November to Tuesday 2nd December. In the UK it runs from 7 am on Friday 26 November through to midnight on Cyber Monday, 29 November.

To help you prepare your Christmas shopping list, you can preview deals here that we will be offering in both the US and UK before they happen, even beating some of the deals last year!

Edx Education’s best US deals on Maths products:

Edx Education’s best US deals on Active Play products:

Edx Education’s best UK deals under £15:

  • Maths Linking Cubes (100) RRP £9.99 | Black Friday £7.99
    Our Maths Linking Cubes are a great way for your child to get hands-on with learning maths skills such as counting, area and measurement.
  • Dinosaur Counters Jar RRP £9.99 | Black Friday £7.99
    Your child will enjoy the interesting range of colourful dinosaurs and the tactile rubbery feel of these high-quality counters.
  • Pattern Blocks RRP £10.99 | Black Friday £8.79
    These sturdy and colourful 2D shapes are a great way for children to identify with different shapes, sizes and colours and start to use mathematical language.
  • Fruit Counters Jar RRP £10.99 | Black Friday £8.79
    Our Fruit Counters are colourful and fun. A great way to develop language and early maths skills such as addition and subtraction.

Edx Education’s best UK deals under £25:

  • Fun Play Rainbow Pebbles® RRP £25.99 | Black Friday £20.79
    These safe, smooth and tactile pebbles will spark your child’s curiosity and encourage them to use their imagination.
  • Geostix Letter Construction Set RRP £24.99 | Black Friday £19.99
    The Geostix® Letter Construction Set allows children to use their creativity and problem-solving skills to form interesting and colourful designs and learn letter formation.
  • Maths Home Learning Set – Ages 5 to 6 Years & Maths Home Learning Set – Ages 6 to 7 Years RRP £19.99 | Black Friday £15.99 (each)
    Ideal for learning important early mathematical concepts and developing skills in counting, addition, sorting, classifying, identifying geometric shapes and objects, problem-solving and reasoning.
  • Fun Play Number Rods RRP £17.99 | Black Friday £14.39
    Fun Play Number Rods are an excellent tool to support your child to learn mathematical concepts at home through fun activities.
  • Fun Play Geo Pegs RRP £22.99 | Black Friday £18.39
    Fun Play Geo Pegs are a fun and interactive way to help your child play sorting and stacking games.
  • Fun Play Wooden Pattern Blocks RRP £22.99 | Black Friday £18.39
    Spark your child’s interest in learning geometric shapes with our fun and colourful Fun Play Wooden Pattern Blocks.

Edx Education’s best UK deals over £50:

  • Step-A-Logs RRP£63.99 | Black Friday £54.39 Can be used indoors or outside to create a fun and challenging obstacle course or part of other confidence-building games.
  • Whizzy Dizzy RRP £99.99 | Black Friday £89.99 A fun and exciting activity for your child, Whizzy Dizzy promotes healthy active play both indoors and out.

There will be many more Black Friday toy deals in the US and UK on offer – check them out here on the dates noted above

for the UK:

and here for the US:

We hope you enjoy our Black Friday toy deals and Learning Through Play with Edx Education: hands on learning experiences, award-winning toys, home learning activities, downloadable resources, educational play ideas and advice, and so much more…

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