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Education for all with Zhi-Shan Foundation, Mobile Kindergarten project

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It has been over 18 months since, Edx Education has been involved with the mobile kindergarten, Zhi-Shan Foundation in Taiwan.

We would like to reflect on the adventure this has been so far.

With the resources and support from Edx Education the mobile kindergarten has been able to visit more remote villages.  Teach children who haven’t previously been able to access formal education opportunities. It has been a great way to be able to provide opportunities for these children to play and learn.

“Getting involved with the Zhi-Shan foundation mobile kindergarten has been one of the most rewarding projects for Edx Education.

The feedback from Rimong & Zhi-Shan who are visiting the villages, have amazing stories about the positive changes, increase in communication, ability to reach remote areas, provision of education opportunities and so much more for families, villages and communities. This has been a wonderful experience for our Edx team to be part of.” – Murray Jackson, CEO, Edx Education

In the beginning, the program supported elementary school students to receive adequate education and care in indigenous communities, Hsinchu.  Zhi-Shan decide to expand the program to kindergarten as well.

The villages are widely spread, it was hard to find the best location for all the young children. Then the idea of the mobile kindergarten was created with funding from Edx Education we can now bring all the educational toys, books with teacher and social workers to more than 12 locations in the mountains near Hsinchu County.

With the van, they provide education for children, provide a support system for parents or grandparents, providing job opportunities to the communities whilst building the relationship with them. Zhi-Shan will then get more opportunities to visit more and more families to then build the support system in the village.

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“Every child should have a chance to learn, especially through play and hands on materials”– Pony Wong General Manager,  Edx Education

So now, they are not only the mobile kindergarten,they can provide cultural courses, toy library service, and also refer, pick up kids to early intervention service if needed.

一台車、一張網、一個孩子都不能少—A car, a network, we won’t miss any kids.

As part of Edx Education one of our aims is to help provide education opportunities for all especially in the early years. We were pleased to have teamed with the wonderfulf Zhi-Shan foundation to help make it happen with a mobile kindergarten in Taiwan.  We are so excited to have so many of these projects underway at Edx Education and look forward to sharing more in 2020-21.

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