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Math101 with Dr Paul Swan and Edx Education

2020-09-25/in Distributor, Teacher / Parent /

Dr Paul Swan and Edx Education

are excited to launch a new math101 website sharing information on the wide world of mathematics manipulatives for parents and teachers.

The idea came from a Mathematics Manipulatives Reference Guide Dr Swan and Edx had written many years ago, however in print had limited access to the digital world we live in.

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“With many children being home schooled in 2020, and the increase of educational toys and materials being purchased

It is important we have high quality supporting materials for parents and teachers. Edx Education and Dr Paul Swan have many resources available online and look forward to sharing them over the next few months. “ – Murray Jackson, CEO, Edx Education

With the launch of the new site, mathsmaterials.com, Edx Education and Dr Paul Swan have created a guide for all parents. The site explains the importance of using hands-on maths materials and demystifies the mathematical language used in schools, explains the school curriculum and uses games and videos to show how “classroom sets”, generic toys and specific products can engage and educate at the same time.

“It has been a busy year with many parents looking for ways to engage their children in mathematics and play, our team has development many home learning resources which parents can download and use. This website was developed to allow parents to learn more about the importance of hands-on materials when learning mathematics.” – Dr Paul Swan, Founder, Swan Consulting

Dr Paul Swan has also been doing a webinar series with Edx Education talking maths, teaching parents tips and tricks on number-sense, multiplication, pattern blocks, dominoes, toying with tangrams and more.

This partnership will be issuing more games, remote or home-learning resources online for parents & teachers. This partnership aims to make learning fun and engaging for the family.

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