Funplay Round Round Chips By Edx Education

I really do believe in the power of learning through play.

And I’ve recently been very lucky to work with an amazing brand that are the masters of exactly that. Edx Education have so many fun activities that encourage children to think outside the box. As promised, I said I would give you guys a closer look at the FunPlay Round Round Chips. The girls had so much fun this morning and they got up to all sorts with this brilliant activity set.

educational toys for toddlers

This set includes a messy tray, 25 activity cards and 144 different colored and sized chips.

The opportunity for play are endless, there are so many ways you can use these chips. The activity cards are fab because they act as a great guide. So whether your child is copying the pattern sequences or making the shape of numbers, their brains are constantly engaged. The FunPlay Round Round Chips also make the perfect invitation to play activity, simply set it up and step back and watch your little one’s imaginations run wild.

Edx Education mamadoit FunPlay Round Round Chip (1)

Bella encouraged her monkey “to lay back and relax” as she treated it to a spa day!

Apparently the chips were acting as a hot stone massage #livingthehighlife. Flo was busy making shapes, she loved the sound the chips made as she scooped them up and dropped them onto table. We also had great fun creating numbers out of the chips and the girls counted out each chip together.

Edx Education mamadoit FunPlay Round Round Chip (3)

I love how simple yet versatile this play set is, there are so many educational benefits including learning numbers, patterns, pairing, sequences, shapes, role play and imaginative play. The FunPlay Round Round Chips kept the girls entertained for ages. They were both engrossed in their own games, stopping occasionally to interfere with each others activities.

Edx Education mamadoit FunPlay Round Round Chip (4)

If you are homeschooling or looking at more fun ways to educate your child, I highly recommend that you check out Edx Education’s website.

They have the best learning through play activities that are fun and engaging. I will definitely be using both Tactile Shells and FunPlay Round Round Chips in our everyday play and I am excited to expand our Edx Education collection soon.

Original Author MAMA DO IT– Mandy, Mum, parent and lifestyle blogger