New adventure for Edx Education – Helping to provide Education for All!

Edx Education has been involved with the opening of the after school center in Hualien. With the Kaixin Workshop, Edx Education has sponsored the renovations of a house turning it into an after school centre for the aboriginal children from the local primary school in a village north of Hualien. It is one of their new pilot projects to provide more education opportunities for children around the world and especially in Taiwan.

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As part of the ceremony the team went for a river walk to see the local sites, and enjoyed traditional dancing. Two children from the center painted us a wonderful pictures so we could share the memory with the rest of the team in our office in Taipei.

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Our CEO, Murray Jackson, and the team were there for the opening of the renovations. All hands were on deck with the building of the furniture and the finishing touches so the children could start to utilize the center the very next week.

We were pleased to hear that the numbers for the after school center have exceeded expectations, and all the children, teachers and parents are happy and excited to be able to have the facilities available to them.

Edx Education believe in providing education opportunities to all. We look forward to being involved in many projects going forward.

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