GeoStamper Activity Set

Item Code : 76001

Use solid and hollow shapes to create animals, print designs and patterns. Layer different shapes or use markers to create more elaborative details.


edx education_76001_GeoStamper Activity Set-1

Ideal STEAM product

Children enjoy creating beautiful geometric patterns while learning basic geometric concepts. Teachers and parents can support children’s creative abilities in art, creative expression and innovative responses to problems by engaging and creating interesting activities and uses with the GeoStampers.

Explore shapes

Each stamper has a hollow shape and a solid shape especially designed for children to display their creativity as well as their imaginative use of colors and geometric shapes. This set also helps children learn and recognize different shapes while exploring how shapes can be combined and separated.

Encourage storytelling

Adult and children can take turns creating characters and a story plot. It’s an exciting activity that stimulates young minds to advance their storytelling structure and imagination in ‘what happens next.’

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