Green-n-Learn® GeoFun

Item Code : 40102

Made from recycled plasitc! Children learn sorting, counting, patterning and basic geometric shapes through play acitivies. Ideal for developing fine motor skills.


Green-n-Learn® range

Green-n-Learn® is our journey to becoming fully sustainable at Edx Education. The range is made from recycled plastic. Decreasing waste, using greener material & embracing recycling is the future outlook for Edx Education. We value and are continuously improving our eco-friendly practices through our commitment to sustainability.

Hands on learning

Children learn colors, basic counting, sorting, patterning, classifying, addition, subtraction and shape recognition through play.

Essential educational manipulatives

Essential & valuable educational tool for all nurseries, kindergartens and home activities. Activity cards are connected to children’s life experience, try to find the shapes in daily life!

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