Green-n-Play® Rakes & Shovels Set

Item Code : 66509

Made from recycled plastic. Children love raking and shoveling anything and everything. Guided activities help children learn through play with experimentation and observation.


Green-n-Play® range

Green-n-Play® is our journey to becoming fully sustainable at Edx Education. The range is made from recycled plastic. Decreasing waste, using greener material & embracing recycling is the future outlook for Edx Education. We value and are continuously improving our eco-friendly practices through our commitment to sustainability.

Great for developing fine and gross motor

Perfect for open-ended play. Raking and shoveling assists children in developing hand-eye coordination, and also in developing their hand and arm muscles in sand and water play activities.

Improve social and language skills

Children learn to work together, share, and use their vocabulary in communicating with each other. No small parts! Safe for young children.

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