Sorting Bowls and Tweezers Set

Item Code : 13905

Colorful sorting bowls and tweezers are ideal for all counting and sorting activities. The tweezers are easy for small hands to use. and improve fine motor skills. Sorting bowls measure 13 cm diameter and 4cm depth with 6 colors. Tweezers are 12cm long with 6 colors.



Advance fine motor skills

The tweezers are purposely designed to improve children’s fine motor skills by being easy for small hands to use.

Children learn basic math through play!

Learn counting, subitising, sorting, classifying, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Essential educational tool for all classrooms & homes

Edx Education’s colorful Sorting Bowls and Tweezers Set are an essential educational tool for multiple counting and sorting activities in the classroom and at home.

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