Green-n-Learn® Whales Story Counters Set

Item Code : 13154

Made from recycled plastic. Tell the stories of the ocean and the whales life through story book. The whale counters can be used for all math activities such as counting, sorting, and patterning!


Green-n-Learn® range

Green-n-Learn® is our journey to becoming fully sustainable at Edx Education. The range is made from recycled plastic. Decreasing waste, using greener material & embracing recycling is the future outlook for Edx Education. We value and are continuously improving our eco-friendly practices through our commitment to sustainability.

Hands on learning

With 2 sizes and 3 colors of the whales, children have fun developing early childhood skills in creative thinking skills, basic numeracy concepts and fine motor skills.

Ideal STEAM product

It will stimulate children’s imagination and creative thinking skills. Detailed story book of a whale life with only pictures and no wording to translate. Educate children the impact of whales on our environment sustainability.

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