Review from TTPM, USA on the Early Math101 to go Number & Measurement 2 and Geometry & Problem Solving 3

What It Is

With Early Math 101 to Go, kids can practice their math skills in the classroom or at home.

With the 25 activities in the Number & Measurement 2 set, pre-K students practice counting beyond 10 and writing number symbols. Each hands-on activity requires the use of the colorful manipulatives and activity cards, giving kids a visual of the concept they’re learning. Kids might use the pieces to measure, count, sort, or classify. The set includes 40 linking cubes, 28 Dominoes, a bead string with 20 beads, two Ten Frames, 20 two-color counters, one six-sided jumbo die, one 10-sided jumbo die, 25 double-sided activity cards, and an activity guide. Everything comes packaged in a plastic carry case with handle.

Kindergarten and first grade students can learn the properties of 2-D shapes, as well as advanced sorting and classifying through the 25 activities in the Geometry & Problem Solving 3 set. Once again, kids use the manipulatives and activity cards to create shapes shown on the card or sort the pieces by color and shape. The set includes a Geoboard with 20 elastic bands, 50 Junior GeoStix, 60 Attribute blocks, an Attribute block spinner, two sorting circles, 25 double-sided activity cards, and an activity guide. Everything can be stored inside the plastic carry case with handle.

Is It Fun?

Either of these sets would make a nice addition to an at-home classroom, whether that’s to extend the math learning outside of a school classroom or to enhance a homeschool curriculum. We like that these give kids a hands-on way to understand and see the math concepts they’re learning, plus the manipulatives are bright and colorful to visually appeal to young kids, and they also add some tactile fun to the educational play. For the most educational benefits, parents will need to participate in the play.

Who It’s For

Number & Measurement is for ages 4 to 5.

Geometry & Problem Solving is for ages 5 to 6.

What To Be Aware Of

Additional sets in both the Number & Measurement and Geometry & Problem Solving themes are also available and sold separately.