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Early Childhood Development – Let’s Play – Research Survey Edx Education is implementing

At Edx Education we love to play and learn together. In early childhood, it is so important to foster children to grow and develop. Playtime in the early years is lots of fun and a fantastic opportunity to enhance your child’s development and help them learn lots of valuable educational, social and life skills. There are so many benefits of ‘play’ – it helps develop cognitive growth, and gross and fine motor skills and encourages creativity and imaginative thinking.

There have been lots of changes in family dynamics over the past few years, with many parents working more flexibly, which has allowed more time to be with family. At Edx Education, we want to learn more about how children and families are playing and learning together, and to understand the constraints that may inhibit family playtime too.

We are asking for your help to fill in our survey so we can develop products and communications content that helps families play and learn together. We are looking at understanding the benefits of play and family bonding experiences, and why things in our modern life inhibit quality playtime with our children.

We’ll be looking at family bonding, screen time, playtime and so much more. We are particularly interested in:

  • Motivations for playing with children
  • Methods for playing with children
  • Barriers which can inhibit playtime for children

The results of the survey will allow us to better understand modern-day parents and caregivers, and help us respond to their needs, wants and requirements to implement more play. We’ll be sharing the results from our survey in our monthly newsletter, so if you would like to hear more, please tick the newsletter sign-up box in the survey.

As a thank you for taking the time to complete the survey, we’d love to offer you an exclusive discount code to use on our website, so don’t forget to leave us your name and email address at the end of the survey!