Made for Mums Awards 2022

Made for Mums Awards 2022 – Bronze for the Edx Education® Fun Play Rainbow Pebbles®

This was a very rigorous judging After 3,000 judging hours, more than 1,100 products sent out to families and mountains of testing with babies, toddlers and parents.

Edx Education were pleased to have won Bronze award for the Fun Play Rainbow Pebbles®. These are part of our award winning educational toys and Rainbow Pebbles® collection.

Lets look at what they had to say about the Rainbow Pebbles®

Why it’s a winner: These tactile, play pebbles are an excellent STEAM toy (fusing science and art), which our testers felt were ideal for sensory play without the mess – hooray! Included with the 36 pebbles is an activity tray and 25 activity cards, which show various patterns you can recreate yourself.

Our testers thought the pebbles were “excellent quality” and the soft, rubbery texture. Which got the thumbs up for the children. Gave the pebbles a bit of bounce, meaning they can survive being dropped on the floor without any damage. Our editorial judges loved the open-ended play options that these provide, and felt. They were the kind of toy a child may come back to years later and enjoy for a whole new set of reasons.

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