Edx Education launches new website and resources

The specialist in fun learning products has unveiled its new website, as well as a series of new product videos. Edx has also announced that it will be hosting regular free webinars and podcasts for parents and teachers

Written by Georgie Dobie

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Edx Education, a supplier with over 20 years’ experience in supplying the international education market with fun learning products, is celebrating the launch of its new website. Now live, the website has two designated areas: one for teachers and parents and the other for distributors.

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The ‘Teacher / Parent’ area presents Edx Education’s portfolio of products to support learning through play. Parents and teachers can opt to categorise the products by Category, Age and Collection. Also available via this part of the site, is a series of resources to support fun learning with some of the products from the Edx portfolio. These activities are designed for children aged ‘3-4 yrs’ and ‘5-6 yrs’. Plus, there’s a video tab to take visitors directly to the company’s official YouTube channel. And another tab to signpost where the Edx products can be bought.

The ‘Distributor’ area of the site offers details about how the company came to be founded, and how it has grown over the years to become the major supplier that it is today. With a string of awards under its belt and an educational outreach programme to be commended, this part of the site is certainly worth a read! The current catalogue for Edx Education can also be found in this area of the site.

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As well as unveiling its new website, Edx Education has also made available a series of new product demonstration videos via its YouTube channel.

In its recenty published newsletter, Edx Education also announced that it will be hosting a series of free, regular webinars and podcasts for parents and teachers.

The preview to the company’s series of podcasts titled Edx Education Chats with #Homeschooling Experts reads: “Education is evolving and we are chatting with the experts to keep up with the trends and whats happening around the globe. With schools closing and homeschool commencing join us, Edx Education in conversation with experts for homeschooling. We have spoken with many educational experts, founders of charities, award winning author, international presenters, expat parents and so many more.”

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The free webinars with Dr Paul Swan will be held on the first Monday of every month. The upcoming webinar advertised on Facebook is to be held on Monday 1 June between 09:00am and 09:30am. Titled In conversation with Dr Paul Swan talking maths, webinar attendees can expect a conversation about teaching primary mathematics, between Edx Education and the award-winning author, focusing on Place value.

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Heather Welch, International Brand Manager at Edx Education, says: “Its been a busy time at Edx Education with many steps and challenges with the current situation, however over the past few weeks we have been able to provide support to parents and teachers with webinars, resources and even chatting with experts in education in a podcast. A new website has been launched with many exciting features for parents and teachers coming over the next few months, so keep in touch.”

We recently spoke with Welch to find out what the team had been up to since the country went into lockdown. She shared details about how the company had been supporting its distributors, the trend towards purchasing educational toys, and the new podcast and free resources that are now available for parents who are new to home-schooling. To find out more, click here.