Learning letters and sound activities

Learning the alphabet is a major milestone in the life of a child. When children learn the alphabet and start to read, it sets them up for success with other subjects, such as math and science. Learning letter sounds is not something that has to follow mastering sight word recognition, it can be done simultaneously.

Learning the sounds that letters make is essential for kids to learn to read, but it doesn’t have to be a daunting task for parents (or teachers). Start as your child shows an interest and most importantly have fun. We know here at Edx Education all about the importance of “Learning through play”… that’s why it is our philosophy!

Activity ideas for learning letters and sound activities

Letters in water

Add transparent letters (and numbers) to your water area or bath, along with a net. Children will enjoy catching the different letters. Call the letter sound out as each one is caught and ask your child to repeat the sound.

Our Transparent Letters and Numbers Set contains uppercase letters of the alphabet that are ideal for developing letter recognition, and for learning the order of the alphabet. Ideal for light box play as well as Sand and Water Tray play.

Feed the monster

Create a monster bag that has an opening for its mouth. Then create pictures of objects that children can recognise and lay them out on the floor to table, along with letter cards. Then ask children to find the matching letters to the object. This activity is great for helping children break down words like ‘c a r’, ‘c a t’. Children will enjoy feeding the monster as they post the correct cards in his mouth.

Sound cups

Use 26 recyclable clear cups and label each with a letter of the alphabet. Collect a set of small trinket sized objects and/or counters in a basket or Desktop Sand & Water Tray. Edx Educations Farm Animal Counters or Fruity Fun Counters are ideal. Children can sort each trinket or counter into the correct lettered cup by identify the beginning sounds.

Erase the sound

Draw a picture on a dry wipe board if in a group, or simply on a piece of paper in pencil if there are just two of you. If you draw a person in a hat with a jumper with buttons, they can erase something that begins with H (hat), something that begins with J (jumper), B (buttons), N (nose) and so on. Continue until everything is erased!

Pass and say

Great with just two or in groups. Give one of the children an Alphabet Bean Bag. The child identifies the letter, and its sound then has to name a word beginning with that letter sound. For example: “/m/ motorcycle”, and then passes it to the child on the right. That child names something else that begins with the same sound, for example, “/m/ mat”. The game continues with children naming things that begin with the first letter until they run out of words. Then introduce a new letter bean bag.

Creating letters

Our Edx Education Geostix Letter Construction Set allows children to use their creativity and problem solving skills to form interesting and colourful designs and learn letter formation. Geostix® are the only construction sticks with multiple points of connection making possibilities endless.

Create and learn with our Edx Education Alphabet Stampers Lowercase. Handy easy-grip stampers ideal for letter recognition and learning letter formation. Make learning fun by incorporating the stampers in art and craft activities. The sturdy grips are perfect for little hands.Each stamper is 75mm and supplied in a useful carry…

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