Learning Toys To Travel With

Keep your kids’ brains active on every journey

Are you looking for some fun and educational toys for kids to pack for family travel? Whether you are travelling on a long car road trip, by boat or plane, it is important to carry a variety of toys to make the time pass by easily. You need to make sure you choose the right toys that will keep children of all ages occupied, and so that you won’t have to carry too much!

Educational toys are ideal to take with you when you travel on a long journey because not only will children be busy, but they will learn something new at the same time. The right toy can help make learning fun and also teach children social skills like sharing, patience and kindness. Here we look at some of the best learning toys to travel with:

Cube Sets

Edx Education’s Math Cubes Learning Set comes with 25 x double-sided activity cards and 100 x 2cm cubes. Math Cubes are multifunctional manipulative that can be used for all levels of learning. Children can have fun in groups in a restaurant, or alone on a journey advancing construction skills, creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

As well as being a great learning toy, they are THE perfect fidget toy! As the Fidget Cubes link together and connect with a satisfying ‘click’ as you feel them ‘snap’ together. You can build them up, over, down or out so you can create endless 2D and 3D shapes, matching the shapes and creating patterns. Check out our Translucent Linking Cubes for a different style.

Junior GeoStix®

Improve fine motor skills and develop creative thinking skills with our Junior GeoSitx construction set. It contains 8 different length flexible sticks, quadrants and semi-circles that snap together. The set includes 200 flexible sticks, and 30 x 2-sided activity cards. An ideal hand eye coordination manipulative for older toddlers, children at grade school and beyond! Sizes range from 2.5cm to 15cm.

Avoid toys that make loud noises or can be damaged easily. Take toys that are bright and colourful to encourage your child to play.

Rainbow Pebbles®

The possibilities are endless with our Rainbow Pebbles when travelling with kids! Set includes 36 pebbles in 6 sizes and 6 colours, and 20 x 2-sided activity cards. Young learners can copy the activity cards or create their own 2D and 3D objects, buildings and so much more. Kids love the bright colours and will enjoy shape recognition, counting, sorting, classifying, patterning, sequencing, construction and stacking.

Themed Counters

We have an extensive range of counters including Dinosaur Counters, Vegetable Counters, Farm Animal Counters, Aquatic Counters, Bug Counters, Translucent Counters and many more. Our themed counters can play a role in developing essential early math skills including sorting, counting, size recognition and colour recognition skills. These can be used during travel to keep children occupied, and they can be used on the beach too – check out our Sand and Water Play Ideas blog.

Screen time should be used as a last resort when travelling, it can make kids more irritable! Go loaded with educational apps and TV shows.

Edx Education were the winners of the 2022 Tillywig BRAIN CHILD AWARD for their Monster Counters Activity Set. It is perfect for all journeys, long or short. It will engage your child in imaginative play whilst they create their own monster adventure. It contains 72 pieces of Vala, Nessy, Birdoo, Babbit, Triton and Crobee monsters. These fun and earth tone counters can be used for counting, sorting, and pattern making.

No Mess Colouring

There are many water pen books that you can buy with a range of themes from farm yard to space ships, bringing wonderful colouring fun and endless entertainment to your travels. They contain reusable pictures to colour in with the water pen that will be included. Simply fill the pen with water and use it to reveal the hidden pictures when the colours appear magically time and time again. A perfect no mess solution.

Magnetic Puzzles

Our Abstract Magnetic Puzzles are an innovative and fun problem solving and creative thinking puzzle that excites, and helps develop young minds in advancing their matching, sorting and critical thinking skills. An ideal hands-on minds-on activity for ages 6 to 99! Strong enough to stay connected to the board so they will not get lost on the plane or in the car.

Always carry a pack of cards. Matching games are ideal for younger travellers, and the list is endless for older children.

Busy Bags

The best way to store all of the fun items you have selected for your travel adventure is by creating your own busy bags! Buy an A4 clear wallet bag, pop in all of your activities – or use a backpack that you already have – and you are ready to go. Everything can be kept safely in one place, for easy access, and this may mean you might not even have to carry it all yourself!

For home and travel learning toys for different age groups, abilities and developmental stages, view our full range here: https://www.shopedx.co.uk or www.amazon.com/edxeducation

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