New Podcasts ‘Education Tips from the Experts with Edx Education’

Edx Education are excited to have new podcasts available on our channel Education Tip from the Experts with Edx Education. The Podcast can be listened to on Podbean, Spotify, Apple, TuneIn, Amazon music and so much more.

Hayley Winter, Early Years Leader in conversation with Edx Education

Hayley is an experienced Early Years Teacher, Leader & founder of @allaboutyearlyears who has been building her community of teachers through the social networks by sharing ideas about teaching, and advocating on the importance of play.
Hayley is looking forward to welcoming her class back to school and has been working with colleagues to put parents, caregivers and teachers minds at ease.
Today we are chatting to Hayley about school readiness, tips for parents in transitioning their children and home learning.

Amy Cox, award Winning Teacher and Founder of Playful Families in conversation with Edx Education

Amy is a Mum of 4, Entrepreneur, Award-Winning Teacher, Education Leader, Play Advocate, Masters Student & Founder Playful Families who has been advocating play at home with families through her play squad and playful challenges.
Amy is changing the world through her play therapy, bringing families closer and connected through play. Today we are chatting with Amy about playful families, play therapy, play squads, homeschooling and so much more.

Jessica Ann Stanford, Teacher, Founder Teachers Follow Teachers in conversation with Edx Education

Jessica is a Mom, Teacher, Play advocate & founder of @teachersfollowteachers
Jessica has built this network that supports teachers around the USA and on current issues teachers are facing. This year Jessica is home learning with her little ones.

Today we are chatting with Jessica on barriers for schools reopening in the USA, school readiness, home learning and so much more.
To read more, Edx Education have a play blog on the website, podcast, games & videos and free downloadable resources for home learning in the teacher/parent section head over to teacher/parent. Let’s play and learn together.

Posted by Heather Welch, Edx Education