Nuts and Bolts Toys for Toddlers and Beyond

Construction toys are great for all ages

Children love to play, we all love to play, and nuts and bolts toys are extremely popular because they foster imagination and creativity. They are a specific type of toy that focuses on building, construction and engineering. They typically involve a variety of bits and pieces that connect together and can be used to sort and screw, all leading toward building contraptions, machines and vehicles.

These toys can provide hours of entertainment because they are an open-ended activity keeping children engaged while helping them to develop fine motor skills, concentration, coordination and independence. The practice also helps them in strengthening hand muscles and teaches patience and accuracy.

There are many different types of nuts and bolts toys on the market, both wooden nuts and bolts and those made of other materials can be tactile and equally appealing. These include stacking toys, sorting and connecting toys, ball-in-a-hole toys and more. The toy that is best for your child will depend on the age, but toys that are designed for a younger audience will always be enjoyed by older siblings!

For example, if your child is younger than 12 months old, a ball-in-a-hole type toy would be a good option because it will be easier for them to get the ball out of the hole. Once your toddler reaches the age of 12 months, they may be ready for a stacking toy, like a shape sorter or building blocks, and then the complexity of the toy can increase with age.

Nuts & Bolts Activity Set

The Edx Education Nuts & Bolts Activity Set is perfect from 18 months upwards. It will improve fine motor skills as well as teach your child about colours, shapes and numbers. They will develop important problem-solving skills screwing the different shapes into the activity cards.

This is the perfect nuts and bolts toy for toddlers because it links the basics of engineering, mathematics and art seamlessly together. It will stimulate your child’s imagination and creative thinking skills; they will have fun learning basic geometric shapes and colours through active play, all whilst they have fun developing early childhood skills.

Construction Toys

Building blocks are a great nuts and bolts toy which will help children from aged 3+ to develop creative skills, as well as motor skills. Let’s play, learn and create with Edx Education’s Math Cubes Learning Set a multifunctional manipulative that can be used for all levels of learning. They come together with a satisfying click and the building options are infinite.

Our Interlocking Cubes Activity Set will help children develop their skills in basic number concepts, and explore basic geometric concepts through construction activities. Being 1cm in size, children aged 5+ can easily practice their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. They will have fun in groups or alone advancing construction skills, creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

My Gears Sets

My Gears Junior Set is an open-ended educational toy for all junior engineers aged 4+ to push, pull and turn while developing their creative thinking and problem-solving skills! All My Gears Sets link science, engineering, mathematics and art, and they will stimulate children’s imagination and creative thinking skills.

My Gears Machine Set, My Gears Animal Set and My Gears Transport Set are designed for 6+ years. Children will have fun learning the basic principles of gears while building exciting models with the help of easy-to-follow instruction booklets. These are open-ended educational toys for young minds to explore their creativity while developing key problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

So, time improves your child’s concentration, memory, manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination, while working on colour recognition, pairing, and shape sorting with a range of nuts and bolts toys. And the best part is that they won’t even notice that they are learning as they play!

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