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Create your own forest playground. Children will love the four different shapes and heights. Toddlers to school-aged kids will have so much fun with role play and physical activity inspired by these pieces.

18 month+

Improve gross motor skills

In the use of legs, Step-a- Forest improve muscle strength. Children will engage their gross motor skills as they walk from one stump/log to one stump/log. Soft non slip surface lines that allow children to safely jump from one to others! Also useful for core balance if your child sees an occupational therapist.

Improve balance and coordination skills

Gaining confidence and a sense of achievement result from improved coordination, balance and correct movement in this gross motor activity.

Essential educational tool

Essential & valuable educational tool for all nurseries, kindergartens and home activities. Children create endless games & fun activities playing with Step-a-Forest. They’re grippy, easily movable, strong and colorful. Scalable to suit any skill level begin by organizing the stumps and trails in a straight line then move on to more challenging courses.

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