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This set consists of 3 stumps and 3 logs which are made of durable molded plastic with soft nonslip lines to allow the children to walk and balance the winding log trails safely. All the fun of a traditional balance beam with the excitement of creating a variety of different log trail combinations. Improve gross motor skills.



Improve gross motor skills

In the use of legs, Step-a-Trail can improve muscle strength. Children will engage their gross motor skills as they walk from one stump/log to one stump/log. Soft non slip surface lines that allow children to safely jump from one to others!

Improve balance and coordination skills

The Step-a-Trail helps kindergarteners learn a valuable life skill – balance skills, coordination skills and social skills in sharing and participation through the infinite games & activities.

Essential educational tool

Essential & valuable educational tool for all nurseries, kindergartens and home activities. Children create endless games & fun activities playing with the Step-a-Trail.

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