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Sustainable Play Book

Part of our journey to becoming fully sustainable at Edx Education

The new STEAM Whale Story Counter Set and Sustainable Play Book is part of Edx Education’s new sustainable Green-n-Learn™ play range. It has been inspired by our work with our charitable partner, the KuroShio Ocean Oasis project. Find out more about our charity initiatives in our About Us section on Educational Outreach – Education for All.

The Charity Project

The KuroShio Ocean Oasis project is based in our brand’s home country of Taiwan and is an ocean conservation charity that helps clean the oceans of pollutants, such as single-use plastics. They also educated locals on how to care for their aquatic environment, with the ultimate aim of creating a safe conservation area for whales and dolphins to breed and thrive.

KuroShio Ocean Oasis project is one of Edx Education’s plastic free projects. We not only fund them but work closely with the charity to educate local factories on how to reduce plastic waste and opt for more sustainable manufacturing practices and materials. Edx Education’s employees and partners also regularly accompany the charity on eco-projects, such as clearing Taiwan’s beaches and oceans of waste.

The Whale Story

The Whale Counters Story Set includes a Sustainable Play Book printed with soy dyes and made from FSC certified paper. It is accompanied by a set of 36 sustainable play whale counters in three colours, which are made from high-grade recycled plastic, derived from milk bottles. The sustainable play set is packed in FSC packaging which has also been printed with soy dyes, and all the contents are fully recyclable.

The picture handbook, inspired by the KuroShio Ocean Oasis project, has been designed for you to enjoy with your children by taking them on an important educational journey. The story covers the effects of single-use plastics on our ocean’s ecosystem, with the aim of educating children from a young age for a more sustainable and planet-friendly future.

The Sustainable Play Book is picture-led with easy to follow ideas, so parents can talk through the messages in age-appropriate language, while also allowing non-reading children to participate in the story-telling narrative. The absence of written words also allows the book to easily adapt to different play ideas and language regions, cutting down on global waste.

Children will love the simple whale counters that can be used for imaginative play and early maths learning, such as counting, sorting and categorising. Fine motor skills are also honed as the counters have been designed to be used for balancing and stacking activities, furthering their educational potential.

Our Eco Strategy

Edx Education’s Sustainable Products Initiative eco strategy includes the UK launch of the Green-n-Learn™ and Green-n-Play™ ranges this summer, which all use recycled plastics and sustainable FSC certified packaging, while also providing 100+ free online extension activities for our education resources to increase longevity of play.

The Whale Counters Story Set and Sustainable Play Book is part of these accessible and plastic free ranges. Read more about the Green-n-Learn™ and Green-n-Play™ ranges in our blog about Socially Conscious Gifts. Decreasing waste, using greener materials and embracing recycling is the future outlook for Edx Education.

Edx Education are also committed to ethical and sustainable work and supply chain practices and are continuously developing more efficient procedures and manufacturing processes. The supply chain and products are ethically and compliance audited by global auditing organisations: EN71, CPSIA, ASTM, CCC, Sedex, ISO 9001, ISO1 4001.

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