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Support Emotional Wellness with Edx Education toys

Edx Education offers a wide range of educational toys, resources, experiences that can be used to support emotional wellness in children. Here are ten ways you can use Edx Education toys to support emotional well-being: 1. Emotion Recognition: Use emotion-themed toys like emotion dice or emotion masks to help children recognize and express different emotions. […]

The Power of Play-Based Learning: Unleashing the Potential of Children in the Early Years

At Edx Education we believe ‘Play’ is a fundamental aspect of childhood, and its benefits extend far beyond entertainment. In recent years, educators and researchers have recognized the immense value of play-based learning for children in the early years. This approach harnesses the natural inclination of children to explore, experiment, and imagine, creating a rich […]

The Benefits of Sensory Play for Children with Autism

Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) face an array of challenges depending on their diagnosis, which can include difficulty communicating, interacting and learning. Sensory integration is one of the most important skills for those with autism to learn because it helps them to better understand their environment and become more aware of their emotions. We […]

Best toys to entertain toddlers

Calling all parents that want to keep their toddlers entertained – and help them develop important skills! We’ve put together a list of toys and activities they’ll love. From puzzles to blocks, kitchens to counters, these toys are sure to keep your young children engaged for hours.  Plus, we’ve got some awesome outdoor gross motor […]

Counterfeit Toys

Every year, thousands of counterfeit toys are seized at external borders because they infringe intellectual property rights, safety and health requirements. Of the fake products that get through, many people think that they are genuine, when they are actually not. Some of them have the wrong price, others have the wrong logos and some even […]

Toys To Inspire Imagination

In this day and age, more than ever before, it is important to encourage children to be creative and imaginative. Technology has advanced so much that it is all too easy for children to be glued to their phones or spend every waking moment playing on a tablet or computer.  The good news is that […]

Early Adversity

Helping children who have experienced early adversity through play ‘To “play it out” is the most natural self-healing method childhood affords’ (Erikson, 1965). Although it’s not always easy to find the time to play with your children as much as you would like to, you will know quite how central play is for them (and […]

Which Educational Toys To Choose for Christmas?

Christmas is fast approaching, people are starting to wonder what to buy for their children (or what to ask Santa for…!). Which Educational For Toys Christmas are best? People are watching their budgets much more than previous years. We all know that there is a lot that goes into making a Christmas magical for everyone […]

Learning Without Realising

Children love to play, explore and experiment with their hands. One of the skills gained through play is mathematics. Children learn to test maths theories, count, pattern, sort colours, increase their communication, learn social skills, gross and fine motor skills, cognitive development and so much more.  Play provides more than entertainment for young children, with […]