Becoming an eco-friendly family

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — “We made an effort to visit as many waterfalls around Western New York as we could, so we hit 11 weeks of waterfalls some in our own backyards and some a little further away,” Colleen Kirk co-owner of Revolution Buffalo said.

The Kirk family love exploring the outdoors. She has a two-year-old named Henry and is about to pop with her second child due in the next week.
Kirk says she and her husband decided to commit to having an eco-friendly household, from the products they use to the furniture they have in their home.

“For me, it means bringing products into our that support the environment, some that are recyclable they have elements of nature in them so our kids are exposed to things that are doing good things for the earth,”Kirk said.

One of those products is an eco-friendly recyclable crib mattress. Made out of a food polymer, the mattress is 90-percent air.

“All these things are really important like a safe nights sleep, cleanliness is really important how do you find all that and brands that are eco-friendly?” Kirk said.

Kirk says she has many different brands she trusts and she likes to check out products using eco-friendly hashtags on Instagram. Supporting local businesses as much as she can is important to her too.

Sometimes convenience over eco-friendly products does win out– but Kirk says she is hoping to influence her kids to make earth-friendly choices too.

“You can celebrate the earth around us and that community is a really important thing and see us supporting these things and that’s gets woven into some of the choices they make,” Kirk said.

Some eco-friendly toys, the Newton Baby recyclable mattress, and other eco-friendly influencers to follow.