Live on Channel 5 News – New York – Talking Educational & Learning Toys

We love to see Edx Education being talked about on USA TV, it is so exciting. Thank you to Jennifer Lynch, Toy Association  whom was live on Channel 4 News- New York, talking Educational & Learning toys.

This week they included the The eco-friendly Junior Rainbow Pebbles which are made from a natural FPC material, each having its own unique natural grain. FPC is 100% made from agricultural waste – rice stems and rice husks. FPC has many advantages;

  • Breaks down in the environment
  • Produces minimal pollution with large savings in energy and water usage during the manufacture of the FPC raw material
  • Fully Recyclable

Edx Education Eco-friendly Rainbow Pebbles encourage creativity & STEAM learning.

One of the best-sellers are the ‘Edx Education Rainbow Pebbles,’ which consists of a collection of brightly colored ‘pebbles’ in various shapes and sizes. The seemingly simple Rainbow Pebbles are a flexible, open- ended toy that can actually develop a child’s depth of knowledge through creative play. The pebbles take up very little space and can be used for a wide range of activities that can be tailored to varying age groups (from 18m).

Ideal for developing fine motor skills which are essential for learning to write, the Rainbow Pebbles encourage a child’s counting, sorting and creative abilities. By stacking the tactile pebbles and arranging them to make fun designs, children can cultivate their foundation skills in design thinking, problem solving and critical assessment.

It may be child’s play, but Edx Education Eco-friendly Rainbow Pebbles can have a ripple effect on young imaginations.

Edx Education is passionate about the learning through play movement, which has long been recognized as a highly successful method of teaching in early years education both in the classroom and at home. Not only is it fun and engaging, but is also a tactile and visual form of learning to fuel children’s mental growth by aiding concentration.

Studies have shown that children who have been taught through play-based learning have a more positive attitude towards learning. They have a wider vocabulary and advanced problem solving, lateral thinking and analytical skills compared with children who have been taught in traditional direct-instruction approaches. The extensive Edx Education product range aims to support parents and educators in all aspects of play-based learning.

Founded 25 years ago Edx Education designs and manufactures high-quality educational products to keep up with the demand for more innovative products from schools, teachers, parents and caregivers the products are suitable for the classroom and at home. Edx Education offers many online resources for parents, teachers, caregivers and distributors to review and download such as a play blog, podcasts, games, videos and free downloadable resources for home learning.

Posted by Heather Welch, Edx Education