Edx Education snaps up Silver at the Independent Toy Shop Awards 2020

Edx Education, one of the UK’s best-selling home learning brand on Amazon for children from 18m-12 years, have announced that their Eco-Friendly Junior Rainbow Pebbles have won ‘Silver’ in the Independent Toy Shop UK Awards 2020.

Commenting on the achievement, Heather Welch, international brand manager at Edx Education stated:

‘We are delighted to have won this award, particularly as there are many challenges when manufacturing with these types of materials. Our Eco-Friendly Junior Rainbow Pebbles use a natural fiber particular composite (FPC) material, each having its own unique natural grain. This FPC is 100%
made from agricultural waste (rice stems and rice husks) and FPC has many advantages including the
fact that it breaks down in the environment, produces zero pollution with large savings in energy and
water usage during the manufacture of the FPC raw material and is fully recyclable.’

The Rainbow Pebbles range is one of the UK’s best-selling educational toys. It encourages and supports creativity and STEAM learning.

educational toy boom

Continuing, Heather said:

‘We have always been passionate about the learning through play movement, particularly as we originally started out by manufacturing educational toys for schools.

‘Learning through play has long been recognized as a highly successful method of teaching in early years education, both in the classroom and at home. Not only is it fun and engaging, but it is also a tactile and visual form of learning to fuel a child’s mental growth by aiding concentration.’

Edx Education’s Rainbow Pebble range includes a collection of colored ‘pebbles’ in various shapes and sizes. These pebbles, while simple, offer a flexible toy that can help develop a child’s depth of knowledge through creative play.

Children can enhance their creativity and find new ways to design and play with the pebbles strengthening skills in problem solving and design thinking.

Heather concludes:

‘It may be child’s play, but Rainbow Pebbles can have a ripple effect on young imagination. Thank you
for the recognition and support, now let’s play!’

SOURCE: Nursery Management Today (NMT)