5th Annual APAC Business Awards

Edx Education were pleased to be shortlisted for the 5th annual APAC Business Awards, proudly hosted by APAC Insider. The we realized we won!

‘On behalf of APAC Insider, it is a pleasure to inform you that Edx Education has been awarded: Educational Toys Supplier of the Year 2020’

This was such a surprise and we are so proud of our Team at Edx Education. At Edx Education we strive to create positive early learning experiences that adhere to current curriculum requirements around the globe. Supporting children’s key developmental areas by working with educational experts around the world. It’s upon these pillars that our values are built.

Edx Education were so pleased with the results as it was a tough selection process. Awardees must demonstrate expertise within their field, dedication to customer service and a commitment to promoting excellence. This approach has brought us much success and commendation throughout its use and enforces APAC Insider’s stance that victors are not determined by popularity of votes, but by their contributions to their industry.

Founded 25 years ago Edx Education designs and manufactures high-quality educational products to keep up with the demand for more innovative products from schools, teachers, parents and caregivers the products are suitable for the classroom and at home. Edx Education offers many online resources for parents, teachers, caregivers and distributors to review and download such as a play blog, podcasts, games, videos and free downloadable resources for home learning.

Thank you APAC Insider for recognising our hard working team.