New Podcasts ‘Education Tips from the Experts’

Edx Education are excited to have new podcasts available on our channel Education Tip from the Experts with Edx Education. The Podcast can be listened to on Podbean, Spotify, Apple, TuneIn, Amazon music and so much more.

Education is evolving in the unconventional year of 2020 join Edx Education chatting with Teachers, Psychologists, Parenting & Teaching Influencers, Authors, Creatives and so many more talented expert to keep up with the trends and whats happening around the globe.

Edx Education in conversation with experts for home learning, school readiness, being creatives, hands on learning or as we like to say ‘Learning Through Play’, changes in education and discussing whats next?

We have spoken with many educational experts, founders of charities, award winning author, international presenters, expat parents and so many more.

Karen Clince, Teacher, Entrepreneur, CEO & Founder Tigers Childcare in Conversation with Edx Education (UK)

Heather Welch, Edx Education will be in conversation Karen Clince, Teacher, Entrepreneur, CEO & Founder Tigers Childcare
Karen has recently launched Tiger’s Childcare in London. Tigers has an amazing philosophy and are committed to quality education and care in stimulating and progressive environments. Children from as young a 4months – 12 years attend the childcare and after school clubs. We are so excited to have Karen with us.
We are chatting today about being creative, teaching, school readiness founding Tigers childcare and so much more.

Erika Deane, Kindergarten Teacher, Education Influencer, Math Expert In Conversation with Edx Education (USA)

Erika Deane, Kindergarten teacher, hands on learning advocate, education influencer that is passionate bout Mathematics.
Erika founded @erikadeane315, as well as teaching, develops hands on teaching resources specialising in math making it fun, engaging for kindergarten students. She has a teachers pay teachers store with amazing maths resources being updated all the time…
Today we are chatting to Erika, about being creative, teaching, school readiness and so much more.

Dana Al Qinneh, Education Leader, Play Advocate in Conversation with Edx Education (UAE)

Dana is an expat Mum living in the sand pit or should I say the bustling city of Dubai, an Early years Teacher, education Leader, Play Advocate & has completed her Master’s Education
Dana has had her research published on the play based behaviours of children where she looked at play and play based learning in a social & cultural perspective.
Today we are chatting with Dana on Homeschooling, play based learning, her entrepreneurial ideas, early years ideas on her ig @__Borncurious (name change @ourcuriousplay ) and journey into being an Education leader.

Posted by Heather Welch, Edx Education