Play Advocates – Talking about the importance of play!

We love to talk about Play and show the world how important it is for everyone to allow their children unstructured and free play.

Edx Education has been designing and producing innovative educational products and materials for more than 25 years, and are passionate about the ‘learning through play’ movement.

This has long been recognized as a highly successful method of teaching in early years education both in the classroom and at home: it is fun and engaging, also a tactile and visual form of learning which aids concentration, helps develop fine motor skills and supports early mathematical understanding, such as counting and sorting techniques.

However we have been going behind the scenes and chatting with Play Advocates from around the world to share their research and advice on why Play based Learning is important for children.

So excited to share ‘Learning Through Play Series – 1;

Jessica Stanford, IG: @teachersfollowteachers

Emma Meyer, IG: @play_at_home_mummy

Lucy Baker, IG: @findthelittlemind

Claire Giblin; IG: @thegiblins

Erin Shumacher, IG: @racing_to_play


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Posted by Heather Welch, International Brand Manager, Edx Education