Review from TTPM, USA on the Edx Education Rainbow Pebbles

What It Is

Young learners can create almost anything with the FunPlay Rainbow Pebbles and Junior Rainbow Pebbles sets. Both products link science, math, and art, and encourage kids to think creatively as they put the colorful pebble pieces together in a variety of ways.

FunPlay Rainbow Pebbles includes 36 pebbles, a tray, and 25 activity cards. The smooth pebbles offer a calming tactile experience, and the bright colors visually stimulate younger children. Kids can match the pebbles pieces to what’s shown on the activity cards or explore with the pieces and build however they want. With parent participation, these pebbles can be used as a tool to help with color recognition, sorting, sequencing, and more.

Junior Rainbow Pebbles can also be used to introduce those same educational concepts but for younger children, ages 18 months and up. This set’s 36 pebbles are also colorful and smooth for a nice tactile appeal, and little ones can practice their fine motor skills as they match the pebbles to what’s shown on the eight activity cards or explore and build however they want.

Is It Fun?

We like the combination of tactile play with education and art that both of these sets offer. On their own, kids can explore the feel of the pebbles and how the pebbles can be arranged, which helps develop problem-solving skills and creative thinking. But when parents engage in the play, the developmental benefits are extended even more. Either of these sets would be a nice way to encourage STEM learning at home.

Who It’s For

Rainbow Pebbles is for ages 3 and up.

Junior Rainbow Pebbles is for ages 18 months and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Each Pebbles set is sold separately.