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5 Fab Early Mathematical Experiences – easy to do at home

We love to play and learn with numbers at Edx Education. And…
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Edx Education Easter Family Fun – 5 Activity Ideas

It doesn’t always have to be a challenge to incorporate fun…
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Family Play Everyday

Life can be fast. It can be so fast that we are sometimes guilty…
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Edx Education Launches Family Bonding Campaign with the UK’s No. 1 Children’s Cooking Author, Annabel Karmel

1 March, 2021 – Leading educational toy brand, Edx Education…
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New Podcast: Education Experts with Edx Education

Edx Education in Conversation with Larissa Maloney, Mom, Founder…
Perplexing Puzzles Year 1-2Edx Education

Math Puzzles – Now Available

We love math puzzles at Edx Education, so we had to share with…
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Play Advocates – Talking about the importance of play!

We love to talk about Play and show the world how important…