Edx Education Family New Year Activities

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Happy New Year, 2021…

There are many ways to celebrate the New Year, at Edx Education we love to celebrate New Year’s Eve with fun family activities for everyone to do together.

Let’s get started with New Year’s Eve activities from upcycling our boxes, searching words and colouring in. These activities are great for all ages to play, learn and be creative.

Activity 16 – Upcycle your boxes – Make your own Castle or Rocket

We all love to make things and with so many cardboard boxes and wrapping paper around the holiday season, let’s upcycle our boxes and wrapping paper. Use your imagination to make a rocket.


– Tape

– Boxes of all sizes and packaging

– Wrapping paper

– Glue

– Scissors

– Colouring pen and pencils


Think of a design with your family and friends. Shall we make a robot, dinosaur or doll’s house? Then get your tape, glue your boxes together and off we go!

Activity 17 – Activity sheet – Find Edx Education New Year’s Eve

What will you include in the New Year Celebrations, find the Edx Education words for our New Year

Activity 18 – Activity sheet – Colour the Fireworks

Have you see the fireworks, were they colourful like a rainbow or more like a big explosion lets colour our own fireworks

Activity 19 – Activity sheet – Make Happy New Year Sign

Time to design your own sign on the 2021 Happy New Year Sign…

There will be more activities ready to celebrate the New Year’s cheer.

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Let’s play and learn together to create lifelong learners.


Edx Education Family New Year Eve Activities






Posted by Heather Welch, Edx Education