Edx Education Easter Family Fun – 5 Activity Ideas

It doesn’t always have to be a challenge to incorporate fun learning at home, and through playing together as a family, kids learn so much – without even realizing it. If you want to have more family fun, why not start planning some activities for Easter? It’s a time for family bonding, yummy treats and most importantly lots of play!

With Easter just around the corner here are 5 activity ideas that are bound to give you some memorable Easter family fun this year…

Being active

Let’s kick off with a traditional game that will get the whole family moving (laughter and fun guaranteed)! An Egg and Spoon race is a game that the whole family will enjoy.

All you need is hard-boiled eggs and metal and wooden spoons to bring the ultimate traditional Easter game to your home this year. Line up in a row and whoever gets to the finishing line first (without dropping their egg) is the winner!

Getting Green

Easter and Spring is a symbol for hope, new life and new beginnings. Planting seasonal flowers at this time of year can be a subtle but beautiful reminder of the new season. Not only that, but planting flowers is a fun and educational activity for kids. Watching them grow, learning about their care, watering them, and getting into a routine with their new flowers will provide lots of stimulation and you will be surprised just how much your little gardener will love helping out.

Crafty Easter

Decorate your very own Easter Egg Tree or Tie Dye Eggs. Trees don’t have to be just for Christmas and this year you could really bring the Easter festivities to life with a small Easter Egg Tree for your home. They make for a beautiful table piece over Easter and the kids will absolutely love decorating them.

To make your easter egg tree you can get super creative and hunt for some long twigs on your next walk. Get the kids involved in finding some twigs outside and once you’re home, put them into some water and get decorating!

You could decorate your tree with Easter crafts ready to be hung onto your tree. you could even add twinkle lights, flowers from outside, and anything else you want to jazz up your tree.  To see how to tie dye your Easter creations. Head over to the Edx Education website for activities and instructions.

easter activities for children





These are the ultimate Easter craft activities which allow kids to see their very own creation come to life!

Playing Games

Easter Egg Hunts are the perfect challenge for children with a tasty reward at the end. You could perform your Easter Egg Hunt challenge in the house or the garden by hiding chocolate eggs ready for the kids to find and collect in their Easter buckets.

This is a great activity to get the kids navigating and counting, and they will be learning without even realizing it! For more ideas see the printables available from Edx Education.

Learning about the world around them

Spring and Easter is a busy and exciting time for farm animals. While we might not be able to take the family down to the farm to learn all about what happens during this time of year, you could take this opportunity to learn from your home. See the our Farm Animal Counters which will definitely help to spark the farm animal discussions with your kids.

You could dedicate some time over the Easter period to sit down as a family and watch some insightful and exciting child-friendly learning videos about what happens at the farm. There are many books and other resources for you to make use of such as our printable sheets. This will be a fun and educational way for your kids to gain an understanding about new life at the farm during Spring time.

Have fun and enjoy all that Easter and Spring time has to offer; make it one that the whole family will remember!

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Author Amelia Cunningham and Heather Welch, Edx Education