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Edx Education in Conversation with Larissa Maloney, Mom, Founder of Active Kids 2.0

Larissa is a  super mom, PE Teacher, Former Professional Beach Volleyball Athlete, Personal Fitness Trainer, Coach & Founder of Active Kids 2.0. She has been mentoring and coaching kids for over 15 years has a passion for helping youth become more active, happier and healthier.

Today we are chatting to Larissa about, founding Active Kids2.0, goals and trends in children being active.

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Getting Everyone Active with Larissa Maloney from Active Kids 2.0

Physical activity is essential for a healthy body and mind. It is also a major part of many people’s daily routines. Once the covid-19 pandemic was announced back in March 2020 and the majority of our country was placed under lockdown, our fitness routines were completely disrupted. Gyms were closed, physical education courses cancelled, and just about everyone was glued to their couches anticipating updates on the news. Many parents have been scrambling for ideas to keep their children active, healthy and off their electronic gaming devices throughout the pandemic. Look no further because Active Kids 2.0, a rapidly growing on-demand fitness service for parents and children to safely get active right in the comfort of their own homes, is the answer to all of your problems. These at home work-out classes customized for children are great, socially distant solutions for keeping up your family’s healthy lifestyle despite our current circumstances.

how to keep kids active

Larissa Maloney, fitness expert and founder of Active Kids 2.0, like most ground-breaking businesses owners, started this venture in the garage of her central Florida home. Like most parents, she too struggled to figure out how to keep both of her children active and off their PlayStation. Maloney was inspired by the ways in which she implemented virtual physical education classes with her students at Father Lopez Catholic High School to accommodate online learning throughout the pandemic. She is also a volleyball coach at the high school and has been passionate about the sport since a young age, even attending Lynn University on a volleyball scholarship and playing beach volleyball professionally post-college. With fifteen years of coaching and teaching experience under her belt, Maloney crafted a unique virtual physical education program for children of all ages. Maloney and the coaches on her team are all considered to be experts in their field and promise to create engaging, fun activities to help your children stay active.

Let’s Get Active!

Active Kids 2.0 has something for everyone, offering a plethora of different classes. Including yoga, ballet, hip-hop dance, cheer, karate, gymnastics, boxing, cardio, strength, and toddler time. With so many options, you and your children can experiment until you find the one. That is enjoyable and perfect for your goals. You can even sign up for a free trial class to start your journey. Each class is about twenty to thirty minutes long, which allows for plenty of time to squeeze a workout in during a busy day with our expert coaches. This is also great for home schooled children and those taking online courses due to covid-19 restrictions as a potential physical education class. Maloney strongly recommends participating in some classes with your children as a way to bond and keep up their engagement, especially for the little ones. You’ll cherish these memories with your kids forever!

These classes will not only help your children remain active but also allow them. To gain confidence and socialize with other students in a safe way. Many children who participate in sports tend to be more confident and strong, both physically and mentally. Most team sports are unfortunately on hold due to covid-19 but Active Kids 2.0 provides your kids with a similar virtual experience. As a virtual platform, almost every class can be taken outdoors as long as you are connected to WiFi. This is an awesome solution for siblings and friends taking any classes together to be sure there is plenty of space to safely move around.

This engaging program is an amazing opportunity to help your family stay active. For more information on Active Kids 2.0 and Maloney’s story, check out their website​  and social media platforms.

Posted by Heather Welch, International Brand Manager, Edx Education