Education For All with Gecko On the Move

Edx Education has partnered with Gecko On the Move to work with primary school teachers and children in remote parts of Asia and Africa. They provide training to teachers in math manipulatives to strengthen the teacher’s understanding and knowledge in teaching mathematics. After the initial training, they observe lessons, mentor teachers and provide feedback.

By supporting the project, we made a difference to a child’s life by providing them with the opportunity to be educated. Gecko On the Move’s vision is for children to connect, discover and create through mathematics using manipulatives. We fundraised to employ a local Tanzanian facilitator and teacher for an entire school year.

Gecko On the Move is managed by international volunteer teachers and guarantees 100% of your money goes directly to the project and no money is used for administration costs.

Although this specific fundraising initiative is now closed, you can still donate here:

If you have any questions or want to volunteers please contact: or visit

SOURCE: Gecko On The Move – Registered UK Charity no:1188327

Edx Education Gecko On The Move 2020