Education For All with Gecko On the Move

Let’s make a difference to a child’s life by providing them with the opportunity to be educated. Gecko On the Move’s vision is for children to connect, discover and create through mathematics using manipulatives.

Due to Covid 19, Gecko On the Move is unable to facilitate its yearly on the ground support with international teacher volunteers in January 2021.

We are fundraising to employ a local Tanzanian facilitator and teacher for the entire 2021 school year. Their role will be to oversee the project, connect with and support other local schools in addition to our main focus school, to teach students, provide in service to teachers and to liaise with and report to Gecko On the Move trainers overseas.

In return,
– certificate for your school with teacher photo
– bi yearly updates – videos and photographs of progress – bi yearly newsletter
– UK Charity Receipt

We are looking for schools, organisations or family/friend groups to support the cost of the facilitator/teacher for one month.

Gecko On the Move is managed by international volunteer teachers and guarantees 100% of your money goes directly to the project and no money is used for administration costs.

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SOURCE: Gecko On The Move – Registered UK Charity no:1188327

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