Levelling Up with The Edx Passbook

When gamers, fixed to their screens, realize that they have “levelled-up” they feel the same endorphin rush that a school sports team feels on winning a sports match.

A rush to the head, a sense of euphoria and a need to tell the world!

Simply put, getting up to the next level in a computer game often carries a real sense of achievement.

On talking to parents and caregivers, we know that many have found a way to motivate children through setting goals, targets and making it fun along the way. Here too they are creating that real sense of achievement.

At Edx Education, we’ve married the two ideas. Motivating children by helping them level up, not in a computer game but winning and levelling up in real life.

What’s more, this Edx Passbook is working in our household.

My ten year old son often needs encouragement to get into today’s music practice, reading or just to get him to play independently. We do whatever we can to avoid negative behavior and unnecessary arguments. And the Edx Passbook facilitates this.

We set the tasks together:

  • guitar practice 10mins;
  • home work (Maths, English) no time limit just complete;
  • reading 10mins;
  • packing the dishwasher;
  • cleaning his room.

In return he can have time on his favorite game on his tablet or show on TV.

These tasks are set at the start of the week and we have become flexible with the activities. And the trade-off has become fun as we discuss it with each other. And update it during the week.

Yes, there were teething problems at first as he didn’t feel that the reward fitted the amount of “chores”.

But we worked through these.

Week-on-week, my son more often gets a sense of achievement when he’s completed his side of the deal. And during the week, he looks genuinely triumphant as he delights in winning extra shows or game-time than he had last week. He enjoys levelling-up with the passbook.

You too can use the Edx Passbook:

Edx Education Time Passbook-02






Posted by Heather Welch, Edx Education



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